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We Provide Information about Herbal Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals and how Nutritional Supplements benefit your health. Find links to Bodybuilding Supplements, Weight Loss Supplements and other Weight management resourses



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What Are The Best Vitamin Supplements ?

Do Vitamins and Minerals & Nutritional Supplements work ? You can bet your life they do .But not all Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements are Created Equal ! Im going to debunk all the myths,half truthes about Nutritional Supplements and Vitamin Supplements that exist today with facts and evidence to support it.

Why do I need Vitamins and Minerals or Herbal Nutrition  Supplement ?

Can Vitamins and Minerals provide Health benefits ?

There are many questions to ask and to take into account when purchasing a Herbal  Nutrition  Supplement and this site provides you with that information so you can find the vitamin nutritional supplements available on the market


Herbal  Nutrition  Supplement, Vitamins and Minerals are so important in our world where pollution and stress are impossible to avoid. Years ago we were suffering from Iodine deficiencies that caused Gouta and lack of Vitamin C caused scurvy.Today more and more we are living to short and dying too long from chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease,stroke,diabetes,etc.There are approximately 80-90 of these diseases we can put into this catagory and we know for a fact that Vitamin   Supplements & Nutritional Supplements can help dramatically,so why has this come about. Whats changed ? Well to start with the Nutritional value of our modern sugar and fat rich foods is so low to non existent our bodies can't cope with it.Its a fact that less than 10% of people get 7-10 servings of fruit and vege on a daily basis ,this is where Nutritional Supplements can help.And for those that can manage that,the quality of those fruits and vege is so low and deficient in the vitamins and minerals that we need to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

Vitamins and Minerals & Nutritional Supplements on the world stage

The United Nations earth Summit in 1992 compared the nutritional value of the world's fruit and vegetables from 1930-1980 and found the following

tomatoes had 90% less copper in 1980

Potatoes had 40% less potassium

Other trace minerals like Boron, magnesium  and Bioflavonoids were also greatly decreased

Just to name two,there were dozens tested and the results were similar for all.So if its not in the soil anymore its not in the food we eat. Nutritional Supplements will provide your body with whats it can no longer get from food.

Vitamin Supplements - Vitamins, Minerals and History

In the early to mid 1900's we used to die of infectious,viral type diseases that were communicable and spread rapidly throughout society.But today thanks to modern medicine and modern sanitation (BY AND LARGE) we have eradicated most of these from western society.There is a very disturbing trend that has appeared over the last 30 or so years where the body is breaking down and slowly dying day by day ,cell by cell from chronic degenerative disease.There is sound argument to suggest that heart disease and ,stroke etc have always been around ,and that may be true to some degree but they never used to affect people until their old age years .Now we are seeing kids as young as 10 years old with the first signs of heart disease and the number of young men aged between 25-35 who die from a heart attack has increaced alarmingly recently.It's a fact statistically that in the US and most Western countries 1 in 3 will die from heart disease and 1 in 3 will die fom cancer.In almost all cases prematurely and whats even more scarey to me is that the research and science shows that 85-95% of this can be prevented in the first place.Yes you read that correctly!

Do I need a vitamin nutritional supplements ? You bet !

So if you are concerned at all about your health or the health of those you love then read the information contained on this site .Share it with all that you care about and more importantly than anything else.TAKE ACTION TODAY. Vitamin Supplements & Nutritional Supplements have been medically proven to help your body fight chronic degenerative diseases.It could very easily save your life or increase it by some years.

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