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How Do I Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars




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Getting rid of old acne scars was nearly impossible during the early days. Today's dermatological advances though have brought light to acne problems, and getting rid of old acne scars can be made possible even if it is not always 100% perfect.

Bad cases of acne leave deep scars on the skin and those who suffer from it simply hate the sight of it. Usually, acne starts to appear on the skin of teenagers, making them lose self-esteem. Luckily, as they grow out of puberty, the acne scars subside but not everybody is this lucky.

Treatment to get rid of old acne scars depend on the 'harshness' of the scar, how long the patient has had them, the person's skin type, and other factors such as diet and lifestyle.

Available Treatments to Get Rid of Old Acne Scars

• Skin peeling is a common treatment used to get rid of acne scars, or any type of scar for that matter. This particular treatment requires several sessions though. The more severe the acne scars, the longer the treatment.

• Dermabrasion is also an option to get rid of acne scars. This process involves removing the top layer of facial skin. It also requires the use of a machine to do the process. Dermabrasion is a typical procedure to remove small scars of all types, surgical scars and irregularities on the skin surface.

AFT or Autologous Fat Transfer is one of the latest procedures for treating and getting rid of old acne scars. It is a procedure for nodulocystic acne scars. The process involves skin grafting, where fat is extracted from another body part and injected into the scarred skin. The fat works as filler that elevates the crater-like acne scar. Repeats are done when the fat has been absorbed.

• Collagen injections are derived from bovine collagen and injected to the scarred skin. Since the original collagen from the scarred skin has been lost, the injected collagen acts as replacement.

• Chemical peels are applied on scarred skin to remove the top layer and smoothen or even out the acne scar.

• Punch grafts is a process whereby holes are punched on the skin to remove old acne scars. This procedure is used particularly for deep acne scars.

• Laser surgery is another way of getting rid of old acne scars. The procedure involves using laser light to remove the top layer of skin where the scar is seated. This procedure is a bit expensive and risky since laser light requires precision treatment and a certified dermatologist to do the job.

Getting rid of old acne scars is very much achievable these days. With the above options, you can decide together with your dermatologist on which treatment and approach is best for you.

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