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Does it matter where the flax seed is grown?

The location where flax seed is grown makes a very big difference as to the quality of the seed. Oil rich seeds such as the flax seed require growth in a cold climate. The further north it is grown the better. With the cold climate the flax seed can retain the necessary oil content to provide the consumer with the highest amount per seed. That is good for those who would like to get the most out of the seeds and not have to eat pounds of it daily. Other factors in the seeds quality are moisture conditions and Times of planting and harvesting. The great thing about the flax seed is how long it will last if it is just kept in a cool dry place. This allows the harvesters to follow strict timelines to get the best seeds that can be held and distributed at any time during the year.

The whole story about the whole flax seed

After you have chosen a seed that has been grown in the perfect conditions you still have the choice of which form to buy and consume. The whole flax seed is the form that contains all of the nutrients available. If it is just oil it is missing the protein, fiber and most likely all lignans. If it is the milled seed then the oil has been extracted and you will not get the omega-3 fatty acid that has so many health benefits that range from healthy skin to a better functioning brain.

Visit this link to purchase certified organic golden Flax Seed grown and harvested in Canada.

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