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Controlling Diabetes is Critically Important to You

Controlling diabetes is nothing that should be undertaken by an amateur. Your diabetes treatment should always be supervised by a licensed physician. The plan is typically to keep your glucose from extremes of highs and lows. In order to do this many lifestyle changes are necessary.

Controlling your diet is the first plan of attack

One very important part of controlling your diabetes is eating a proper diet. While it is true that diet, exercise, and medications are always central, proper diet is possibly the most important key. Diabetics must begin the healthy habits now that probably would have helped them avoid becoming diabetics in the first place.

Exercise is always an important part of controlling diabetes.

Everyone will benefit from having a lifestyle that is healthy but for diabetics it is critically important. Regular exercise will help the body work much more efficiently by, among other things, speeding glucose into cells where it belongs and helping to dispose of excess glucose within the body.

Diabetics need to exercise every day. For some lucky individuals this is all that is necessary. For the majority of diabetics however, a balanced approach of exercise, diet, and medication is needed. But even for a diabetic, regular exercise will help one to have a stronger healthier heart and body. Exercise is something that a diabetic must learn to do consistently.

Uncontrolled diabetes will destroy your body.

Controlling diabetes means that you will be less likely to suffer from many of diabetes serious complications such as infections that would otherwise be minor becoming major infections, kidney damage, and eye damage. And then there is the issue of amputations of the feet and legs that are also quite often caused by uncontrolled diabetes.

There is some evidence that increasing soy protein in your diet may help to avoid many of the diabetic complications such as blockage of the arteries and kidney disease. While other of the complications of uncontrolled diabetes may not be helped by the addition of soy protein to one's diet, if it helps diabetics to avoid only two of the possible complications it is worth incorporating into one's diet. Diabetics should discuss this possibility with their doctors.

Controlling diabetes requires a major change in your lifestyle but the effort will be rewarded with a much healthier and longer life span. Medications that have been developed over the last 10 years also makes it a lot easier to control one's diabetes. However, a diabetic should never relax when their lifestyle changes or they may find that the diabetes creeps silently back into their life becoming an enormous health problem again. It is important for diabetics to remember this: Once a Diabetic Always a diabetic.

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